Visitor Protocols COVID

The following protocols apply to all visitors into our school. Staff and governors have worked
very hard to implement systems and procedures aimed at minimising risks of virus transmission.
Visitors into school are expected to respect and apply our rules.

  • All visitors into school must have an appointment that has been agreed by a member of
    the Senior Leadership Team
  • When arriving at school please contact the office where a member of staff will let you in
    through the school gate. 0191 814 1788
  • Visitors must agree to ensure social distancing of at least 1 metre at all times.
  • When accessing the building please use the hand sanitiser in main reception prior to signing in.
  • Sign in at main reception. Please note doing so confirms that you have no COVID19 symptoms or have not been instructed to isolate.
  • After signing in please wash your hands thoroughly in the visitor toilets. Visitors to school must not use staff toilets
  • Depending upon the circumstances of the visit you may be asked to wear a mask or visor.
    If the visit is likely to last for more than 15 minutes a mask or visor must be worn. (If you do not have one school will provide one for your use.)
  • All visits involving pupils can only take place with parental consent specific to COVID19.
    School will ensure that this has been provided.
  • Whilst on the premises please wash and sanitise your hands regularly.
  • Please follow school protocols including sneezing and coughing into a tissue or the crook
    of your arm. Tissues must be disposed of in either the tissue bins provided or take it off
    the premises with you.
  • Visitors will be asked to use their own resources
  • Visitors will be provided with appropriate cleaning products and asked to clean their area
    of work/contact prior to leaving the school building. There is also a cleaner on site who
    can support with this if required.
  • Should any visitor become ill or feel ill where they are symptomatic with COVID19 they
    must alert a member of staff who will direct them to the secure isolation room and the
    relevant protocols will be followed to support.