Our Vision

At New York Primary School we invite all children to come as they are and leave at their best. Our aim is to provide a stimulating, aspirational, safe and secure environment in which children have a voice and are encouraged to participate and contribute towards their own development.

  • We believe that this is best achieved when;
    •  families take an active interest in their child’s education
    • families become involved in school life
    • families support what their child does in school.
  • Opportunities for learning are exciting, bespoke and ambitious, set within real life context.
  • Through rich learning we develop pupil interest and curiosity promoting imagination and investigation.
  • We know our children and work consistently and flexibly to meet their needs.
  • We provide an inclusive curriculum that inspires and interests, encouraging pupils to aim high and succeed in school and beyond.
  • We create a family, community atmosphere where everyone is welcome, valued, cared about and respected.

We have high standards and expectations both in behaviour and work – we have no doubt that our children can meet these standards and leave us at their best.