Relationships Education Policy


This policy is written following the statutory guidance from the Department for Education regarding Relationships and Sex Education (September 2020). The policy outlines how we comply with the teaching and learning of Relationships Education at New York Primary School.


The purpose of this policy is to ensure that the teaching of Relationships Education at New York Primary School equips and educates pupils in making informed decisions about their wellbeing, health and relationships. We want our pupils to be confident and resilient young people who know how to stay physically and mentally well, stay safe and know where to get help, guidance and support.

At New York we believe that the teaching of Relationships Education should be shared with parents to ensure a consistent and supportive approach to pupil education. Through education we promote an understanding of the range of family types and other people who contribute to providing the love and care children need to grow and develop into well informed educated citizens.

At New York Primary school we understand the importance of family life and stable and loving relationships. We educate our pupils to value difference, show respect, possess self-esteem and to be able to love and care for ourselves and others, promoting British Values.