Extra-curricular clubs aim to increase opportunities for our children and provide further enhancement to the daily school curriculum.  These activities contribute to the development of pupil character by enabling our pupils to show various personal skills including determination, teamwork and striving for excellence.

At New York Primary School we pride ourselves on offering an extensive range of Extra-Curricular Clubs that run throughout the year providing our pupils with the opportunity to choose new and exciting activities. We involve our pupils in determining many of the clubs on offer on a termly basis by listening to their ideas and views. Most Extra-Curricular Clubs are run by New York staff with some delivered by external providers.  Currently all clubs are provided free of charge. School staff enjoy spending time and building relationships with pupils from different classes in the various clubs they deliver. Pupils benefit from working and cooperating with different children and social skills improve. Pupils attending clubs develop in confidence and their sense of belonging within New York Primary School is strengthened. Some pupils attend more than 120 hours of extra-curricular activity. That is 120 hours spent away from a screen or device! We celebrate attendance at our clubs with an award ceremony.

Whilst the majority of our clubs run after school we also aim to keep our children as active and engaged as possible, including at lunchtime.

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