Proud words

At New York Primary School we have high standards across all areas of school.

To underpin our school vision we embrace a number of PROUD words and we have a specific focus upon a different word each week.

Respect, Self-Awareness, Appreciation, Teamwork, Determination, Resilience, Excellence, Positivity, Empathy, Tolerance, Sportsmanship, Gratitude, Patience, Aspiration, Optimism.

Pupils will often make a suggestion for a new PROUD word that they would like us to focus upon.

PROUD word of the week

  • Every Friday school staff will select pupils who have impressed by demonstrating the PROUD word of the week. 

  • Pupils are then nominated in the PROUD book. 

  • The Headteacher takes the PROUD book around classes to announce and celebrate PROUD pupils. 

  • All PROUD pupils receive a Headteacher’s sticker and have their photograph displayed on the PROUD wall.