Music is a universal language that represents the highest forms of creativity. The high quality provision of music education at New York Primary engages and inspires our pupils to enjoy and develop a love of music.

Our pupils grow in confidence as they listen, learn, sing, play and perform - increasing a sense of achievement. As pupils progress they are able to evaluate and critique, developing composition skills and notation. Our pupils appreciate that music can influence feeling and can be used to describe feeling and emotion. Participation is actively encouraged at New York Primary and music, in some form, is part of everyday life for all our pupils.

Pupils at New York are immersed in music from our 2 Year Offer to Year 6. In Early Years, much of our children's learning and daily routines are based around music and singing. Whole school singing occurs frequently throughout the week, with links to current and relevant topics or with seasonal links. Pupils listen to and evaluate music from various historical periods and genres including the great composers and music from our local North East culture. Singing is at the heart of music teaching and our pupils are taught to sing in tune with rounds and harmonies. We run a successful school choir which frequently takes part in local events and performances. We perform for parents and pupils perform for each other spreading that love and appreciation of music. In class, all pupils receive high quality music lessons and have the opportunity to play an instrument.  We run extra-curricular clubs throughout the year including singing, percussion and music using technology.

Teaching and Learning of Music in lessons links to current topics of study, allowing us to design and deliver a bespoke music curriculum with cross curricular links within context; this supports the deepening of pupil engagement, understanding and learning. Music is accessible to all our pupils and through our personalised music curriculum all pupils have the opportunity to develop a love of music and to become musicians.

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Curriculum Overview