At New York Primary School we aim to teach our children to think like geographers; slowly building and revisiting new concepts in a thoughtful and manageable way to enable our children to know more, remember more and be able to do more as young geographers. Whilst taking a thematic approach to teaching, we appreciate the empowering nature of geography and its importance as a subject in its own right.

Our Geography curriculum is designed to not only ensure that our children build a strong sense of local identity but can also compare their own experiences and local geography to other places in the world. Our curriculum is designed to help pupils understand their world, their role in it and the responsibilities that come with being a world citizen. 

Our pupil’s geographical education begins in the early years and develops year on year, developing our pupils’ geographical knowledge, skills and vocabulary. 

From the location of our classroom in EYFS, to our school and local area in KS1, to local towns, cities, counties, and position within the UK as we progress through KS2. Our children are provided with the tools to build and develop their own sense of place as well as develop an appreciation of distance and space.

Alongside Geography lessons, Geography meetings give all children the opportunities to reinforce vocabulary, revisit prior learning and interconnect learning across the curriculum. Additionally, our pupils participate in ‘Creative Geography’ afternoons, allowing them to develop their fieldwork and mapping skills to explore the local area and empower children to understand how Geography skills can support and enrich other subjects.


Curriculum Overview

Geography Mind Map