Newsletter: September 2022

It feels like a very speedy half term has come to an end before we return on 1st November. Whilst we are still battling with the impact of positive COVID cases, the significant change in government guidance has resulted in no isolation and therefore more pupils in school and less lost learning.

Thank you to those who participated in our Poverty proofing Audit. We have not had any written feedback yet but the verbal feedback is highly positive. The Poverty Proofing team were very impressed with our pupils and enjoyed spending time with us in school. Thank you for sending your children to school looking so smart in full school uniform and with all the necessary equipment they need. I am pleased that this term we have already taken pupils out of school for educational experiences. Our Year 4 pupils attended High Borrans, Year 5 and 6 attended an event at the Theatre Royal in Newcastle and our Year 1 pupils visited St Aidan’s Church on Lynn Road. We have also had a number of sporting events including football and rugby. We have been pleased to welcome visitors into school for assemblies and lessons in music, basketball and rugby. All staff agree that it is good to be back and great to be able to take advantage of all the wider educational opportunities that have been missing for so long. Please ensure that you look at the diary dates as the Christmas events are in the diary now.

Mrs Shaw

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