March 2021 Newsletter

It is wonderful to have the whole school returned. From 8th March 2021 all pupils returned to schools across England. It was anticipated that this action would cause a likely rise in cases initially but as the rate of COVID infections continued to slow the government wanted schools to fully open to all pupils.

New York staff were delighted at this and continue to enjoy having full classes again. I have written to all parents to explain protocols and procedures during the school day and everything is working well. We continue to operate with Year Group bubbles, with best endeavours to keep children a safe distance from other year groups. New York pupils are brilliant at following the protocols and I am very proud of them. We now face Easter with 2 weeks off which will give pupils time to recharge their batteries as many are tired as they are not yet used to a full school day. I would like to thank New York staff for their continued dedication and thank you for your support and kind words. There are lots of exciting projects and activities planned for the summer term so please check the Dates for the Diary at the end of this newsletter.

Mrs Shaw

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