May Newsletter 2021

Well, it has been a half term full of change and challenge! After welcoming back all pupils on 8th March, we have enjoyed the chatter of pupil voices and settling back into school life.

We have continued to maintain all COVID protocols yet despite our best efforts, have needed to isolate several classes in recent weeks. Staff and pupils have worked hard to recover the momentum of learning and ensure pupils are progressing. Our long awaited building work nears completion and we are excited to welcome pupils into their new area. We continue to sing on the yard on a Friday and our Key Stage One pupils are such great singers I am hoping to start a Key Stage One choir!

New York pupils continue to make us proud every day and have shown great resilience and positivity during some challenging times. A fine example of this are our Year 6 pupils, who suffered the disappointment of a long awaited outward bound residential visit to Robinwood being cancelled the night before. They embraced 3 days of outdoor activity, planned and designed by school staff. Year 6 did this with a smile on their faces, determined to make the best of an unfortunate situation. I am hugely PROUD of them.

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