STEM – Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics

At New York Primary School, we value the importance of the STEM subjects (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) and these are integrated across our curriculum. STEM is vital for preparing our pupils for their future as the world changes around us and technology continues to impact on our everyday lives. We encourage our pupils to consider their future career options and understand the importance of introducing them to STEM companies and people working within the field.

Pupils at New York Primary School have the opportunity to embrace STEM through whole-school theme weeks, STEM Fayres, after-school clubs and educational visits.

New York Primary School is a partner school with Think Physics whose main aim is to inspire pupils through STEM subjects and, ultimately, motivate more girls to study Physics in Higher Education. This partnership will mean regular visits from the Think Physics team and opportunities to visit the Think Lab at Northumbria University.


We aim for STEM to be part of a lifelong journey, beginning here, at New York Primary School.

Green Power Trust Goblin Car

At New York Primary, we have received funding to develop a Greenpower Trust Goblin Car. Our aim is to inspire young engineers and this project, aimed at Year 5, aims to do exactly that. The Year 5 team are working together to design and build a Goblin Car that will be raced at the Gateshead Stadium.

The children are learning how to use tools and equipment in a safe environment, how to read instruction manuals and are having to design things such as the design of the car and the name. This huge project is taking place in a STEM after-school club as well as during PLZ times.

Keep a look out at the annual STEM fair for the car design!

For more information on the project, visit the Greenpower Trust website:

Our Science Principles

At New York Primary School, we strongly believe in the importance of teaching Science in different ways. Staff asked pupils what they most enjoy about their Science lessons and from this, we wrote our Science Principles. These are displayed in classrooms and staff ensure that they meet this criteria in their science planning.