Bikes for Health Letter: Year 5

Dear Parent/Carer,

I am delighted to announce that Year 5 are taking part in a Bikes for Health programme this year.

The children have already been measured up for a bike and the new bikes have been purchased by school and have now been delivered complete with cycle helmets.

Starting tomorrow your child will have the opportunity to ride a bike, learn to ride a bike and go on bike rides both in and out of school premises.

Tomorrow the children will not leave the school grounds but moving forward when we feel they are ready pupils will take part in bike rides around the local area in small groups. Pupils will always be escorted by 2 qualified bicycle coaches who hold a Mountain Bike Leaders (MBL) qualification.

This is an amazing opportunity that will last throughout the year in Year 5.

Miss Hubbard and a member of the Bikes For Health team will accompany and teach the children.

Miss Hubbard has completed the MBL training and is qualified for this activity.

Your child does not need a bike or helmet but should come to school in school uniform but bring tracksuit bottoms or leggings and a tee shirt/jumper and a warm coat. Once the groups have been decided we will advise further about what equipment they need.

As the children will not be offsite tomorrow we do not need a permission slip from you but when groups are decided and cycle routes planned, we will ask parents and carers to complete a permission slip.

There will be no cost to parents for this brilliant, healthy experience.

Should you wish to find out more about Bikes for Heath please access their website on

Should you have any queries, please contact me via the school office.


Mrs J Shaw